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As promised some three weeks ago, Plantronics gave me the opportunity to test and review three of their wireless and mobile headsets. Allow me to discuss each one of them.

Voyager Pro
Plantronics_Voyager_ProThe Voyager Pro is a bluetooth headset for mobile devices. The manual was clear and also available in Dutch. The headset was immediately detected by the mobile phone and so theSony Ericsson HBH-PV702 activation/installation went very smooth.

I added some pics of the Voyager Pro, because – personally – I like the design more than the Sony Ericsson HBH-PV702, which I had before.

The earsupport of the headset can be easily turned (for left or right ear barers), it is a light-weight and fits very comfortably. The picture shows that the ear extention sticks out quit a bit, which allow it to fit deaper into the ear for more stability, but most of all for better noise reduction.

I found the quality of the headset very good, better than the one from Sony Ericsson and I could move easily up to 5m away from the mobile phone with hardly any quality distortion.

I have been using the headset for about 5 days without recharging, calling about an hour (on average) every day. This seems more than enough to me, as my mobile phone requires charging every two days 😉

For the technical specs and details, please consult the Plantronics product site.

Anyone interested in a Sony Ericsson HBH-PV702? 😉

Savi Office WO100

Savi OfficeThe Savi Office is clearly a professional solution. It is a wireless, DECT based, headset and connects with your PC and your desk phone at the same time. The main advantage of a DECT solution, compared to a bluetooth solution, is of course the fact that you can go further away from your IP Phone or softphone on your PC. You could imagine a few business applications, especially in the arena of service desk or call center applications where you have to consult with other teams using CX for success and other applications that improve productivity on the job. As a sales at the office you can walk on the whole floor as if you were talking and walking with your mobile. The specs indicate that you could go up to 100m, but I have not been able to test this.

The installation was simple and straightforward (although I didn’t get the PC audio to be working with the handset, but I have to admit that I didn’t make the time to call the Plantronics support, but the specs say it should be supported). The manual is concise and available in Dutch too. The sound quality is excellent and you have the choice to choose for the earloop or headband.

The DECT base is also a charge cradle and allows for up to 4 headsets to connect to one base, which can be useful for conferencing sessions without the need to activate the speaker on the desk phone and thus disturbing other colleagues in an open space environment.

I would only have one concern. The Savi Office is standard equipped with a telephone interface cable, but it still requires you to lift up the handset of the desk phone manually. This is inconvenient and creates a disturbing echo. You could resolve this, if you buy the optional automatic handset arm lifter (HL10) or the right electronic hook switch (compatible with your phone). Plantronics has been providing me with the hook switch for the Cisco IP Phones (APC-40), but unfortunately they are not compatible with the older Cisco 7940G and could not be tested. Also take into account that the use of an electronic hook switch (for Cisco IP Phones) requires some tweeks at the central call manager configuration and may be a tough hurdle to take in some companies 😉

For the technical specs and details, please consult the Plantronics product site.

Savi Go WG101b

The Savi Go is clearly my favorite. It is a bluetooth headset and has the remarkable feature supporting two bluetooth devices at the same time.

I have been testing the WG101/B, which consists of a BUA-200 bluetooth usb adaptor and a WH100/B headset (the same as the one of the Savi Office).

I decided to install the Savi Go at home. Although the WG101/B is optimized for the use with Microsoft Office Communicator, it works very smoothly with Skype, the Cisco IP softphone and my SIP phone. At the same time I allowed my mobile phone to detect the wireless headset and could use it for both phones at the same time. Great stuff.

The installation went like a charm, the manual is clear and the cradle is ideal for immediate charging. Very convenient. I activated the USB adaptor on my laptop (for the use with the office communicator and Cisco softphone) and on my desktop (for the use with Skype and my SIP Phone). In the evening I simply switch the USB adaptor from my laptop to my desktop from business to personal use. I really love it.

The quality is excellent (as for the other Plantronics headsets), the autonomy is no issue and, as for the Voyager Pro, your reception quality remains impeccable within a range of 5m. Which is more than sufficient to me (at home I work alone ;).

For the technical specs and details, please consult the Plantronics product site.

I did not make these reviews in order to test all technical features, but mainly to check the user convenience and here they all three scored superbly. Thanks to Plantronics for the opportunity to test these. I will certainly advice those to the teams that consults our customers in call center and service desk solutions for the Savi Office and Go and to my colleagues for the Voyager Pro mobile headset solution.

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9 thoughts on “Review wireless headsets #plantronics”

  1. Beste Peter,
    Ik zoek na mijn overleden Logitech Mobile Pro (was daarover zeer tevreden), een nieuwe headset.
    Mijn voorkeur lijkt te gaan naar de Savi Go, eerder dan de Voyager Go. Eventueel dacht ik ook aan de Sennheiser VMX100.
    Ik gebruik nog steeds een GSM Nokia 6310i (ook al weer zo'n 'ouderwetse' degelijkheid 😉
    Denk je dat de Savi Go compatibel is?
    Dank, beste groeten,
    en ook bedankt voor jouw review trouwens,

    1. Stef, bedankt voor je reactie. Ik zie niet goed in waarom je Nokia6310i niet zou werken met de Savi Go, maar je kan de compatibiliteit checken op:
      en die zegt "not compatible" "Please contact Plantronics Technical Assistance Center to confirm compatbility" 🙁
      Ik denk dat je dit even dieper moet uitzoeken alvorens 200$ uit te geven.
      Plantronics support: 00800 75268766

  2. Peter, dank voor je antwoorden. Vreemd dat negatieve resultaat van de comp-check. Ofwel is dat een fout ofwel is er toch een technische reden. Ik zal even mailen naar Noel.
    Dank voor de tip.
    Beste groeten,

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