Suicidal Tweets?

Een laatste noodkreet of een flauwe grapjas? Bekijk de vermeende laatste tweets van Nick Starr en zeg me dat dit niet de eerste aangekondigde zelfmoord op Twitter is?

I am a fat mess. No wonder I haven’t been on a date in 4 years
06:44 PM August 01, 2007

btw I am pretty drunk already, so consider anything from here on out a drunk Twitter post
06:44 PM August 01, 2007

Finally made it to my coffee shop…Busy day. Was in the newspaper, and cop talked to me last night about being homeless. Time to watch BB8
07:15 PM August 01, 2007

Hrm, there is a nice high skyway bridge nearby…I’ve heard of plenty of people jumping from it….maybe I should give it a try tonight.
07:41 PM August 01, 2007

Why can’t life be like high school? Sure life was complicated, but at least I could get a girlfriend:
08:54 PM August 01, 2007

Alright I’m out Twitter…time to get a few more drinks and debate jumping from a bridge tonight, Sunshine Skyway Bridge here I come.
09:17 PM August 01, 2007

Just paid the toll for the skyway bridge…should I stop at the top? What should I do with my car? I guess leave it there.
09:27 PM August 01, 2007

Has there ever been a twitter suicide before? I wonder what I would write as I am falling to my death.
09:29 PM August 01, 2007

alright this is it. Parked my car. I wish everyone who ever was nice to me well. See you in the next life
4 days ago

Geen nieuws sinds …
Gelezen bij Dawn & Drew.

Update: Nick is blijkbaar terecht.

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