Testing wireless headsets #plantronics

Ik heb besloten deze post in het Engels te doen, omdat hij ook professioneel voor sommigen nuttig kan zijn en hem dan ook, naast Nettooor, wil cross-posten op mijn Getronics blogzone.

At Getronics we have been using Cisco IP Telephony for many years. At the office we have a fixed phone (IP9540) and when working at home the Cisco IP Communicator softphone is activated on our laptops. As a headset we use the Plantronics .Audio 470 USB headset. It is very decent one, foldable and very compact. It costs about 60$ and has a very good quality. It is however a wired version and I remember complaining about the length of the cable on Twitter, when I was contacted by @noelbellen from Plantronics. Noel is Business Segment Marketing Director EMEA at Plantronics and explained to me that there are plenty of models that would better suit my needs.

So, today I had a package in the mail from Plantronics with three wireless headsets:

– the Savi Office WO100, a next generation wireless headset that is ideal for Unified Communication and connects to your IP Phone and PC at the same time. I believe this one will be a great fit for the office. The WO100 costs about 380$.


– the second wireless handset is the Plantronics Savi Go WG101b. It is a wireless bluetooth headset, that costs about 200$. It is optimized for Office Communicator 2007, but I’ll use it at home with my Cisco IP Communicator softphone on the laptop and with the Gizmo (SIP) and Skype phones on the desktop PC.

– and finally, I will be testing the Plantronics Voyager Pro. A beautiful mobile bluetooth headset. This headset costs about 100$. I had already a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset HBH-PV702, so this would give me the opportunity to compare both.

So give me a few weeks and I will let you know what I think of them. Tx for the opportunity Noel.

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3 thoughts on “Testing wireless headsets #plantronics”

  1. Nu je een week of 3 hebt kunnen testen, wat is je voorkeur geworden ?
    Zowel Tom Klaassen als ik zijn op zoek naar een wireless headphone.

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